Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Favorite Things: OTT Sweet Lolita

Back again!

So remember I wanted to tell a little about my self through the things I love well here's the first installment of My  Favorite Things. This time I am going to tale about my passion: OTT Sweet Lolita Fashion.

Now I can go into the history and the significance but you can find that out with a quick Google search  ( I'll add some links at the end of the post).

I really love this fashion because of how it is breaking the norm and how girls are establishing who they are by wearing this amazing fashion.

I also love that it's cute, it's frilly, and just so much fun to wear!

Now on to my favorite brands and my dream dresses:

Angelic Pretty  (AP): a must for all OTT Sweet Lolita, one can argue they invented the fashion with their ultra sweet prints, pony purses, head eating hair bows, tea party shoes, and mini cake hats.

My dream dress(es)/ clothes
I have so many on my list that are from AP right now I am crazed for Melty Chocolate JSK in the pink, pinkxchocolate, and mintxchocolate colorways, and Wonder Cookie JSK in the blue colorway.

I also dream of my own pair of tea party shoes. No I want many pairs in pink, white, mint and lavender

Baby the Stars Shine Bright (BTSSB): The brand featured in my favorite movie Kamikaze Girls (wonder if I'll ever Maggie to like yanki fashion so she can be Ichiko more on that later). Though they do have a sweet lolita aesthetic it is different  from AP.

My dream dress(es)/clothes

Unico in Bloomland in pink is my favorite right now. I love unicorns and this print obviously fits the bill. I also like Creamy Soda Pop in pink and mint green, and Cherry Ribbon in off-white.

Metamorphose temps de fille (Meta):
 Meta is the most off the wall brand there is: camouflage print, and I think the only denim skirts and leather skirts in the fashion; but there are still lovely sweet lolita picking.

My dream dress(es)/ clothes
March of the Ducks in ivory and blue  and Surprise Party in off-white are my favorite prints from Meta.

This post is running long so I'll continue in a later post.

Love and see you later!

Minako 美奈子

Wigs wigs and more wigs

Possible wigs from Leekeworld.

I want them in either pink cocktail, peach pink, pale turquoise, or whisper blue. I am not sure which one I should get first, and I am still looking at other companies for more.

I also want to share more about my self so next couple post will be on things I love.

Love and see you later

Minako  美奈子


 One of my favorite wigs! I want to get another pale pink wig, but with out the pigtails. Any recommendations?

Friday, April 20, 2012


Welcome to my blog, Cotton Candy Clouds. My name is Minako, I'll be your guide to my favorite things and stories. I hope you do enjoy.

Love and see you later!